Storing Your Bitcoin

Don’t forget to safely store your Bitcoins so you don’t lose them! If you buy your Bitcoins from an exchange, it’s a good idea to move them off of the exchange into either a desktop wallet, hardware wallet, or paper wallet. 

Desktop Wallet 

A desktop wallet is safer than leaving your Bitcoins on an exchange, but it is the least safe from these 3 options. You essentially download a program onto your computer and then move your Bitcoins to it. Here are a couple that we like: 



 Hardware Wallet 

This is a very safe option, but it does cost a bit of money. You need to buy the hardware which is a physical device which allows you to essentially move the Bitcoins offline making it harder for anyone to access them. Here are the best ones: 




Paper Wallet: 

This is also a good option and it is free. What you do is move your Bitcoins onto a piece of paper that has both your Bitcoin wallet code and a secret code that you do not give out. The downside to this method is it can take longer to move your Bitcoins when you want to and if you lose that piece of paper, you lose your Bitcoins. So keep it safe! 

Here is where you can make one: 

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